Polar Pond Hockey 

Dates are set.  March 10th, 11th, and 12th

The event takes place on the great Hay River at the Fisherman's Wharf. We build up to ten rinks on the river, put up Big Blue and host the greatest event in the NWT.

Polar Pond Hockey was created ten years ago to promote the spirit of the great game of hockey. Bringing hockey back to its grassroots, it is truly played in its purest form. The combination of showcasing the great Fisherman's Wharf, we blend outdoor hockey, families, food, live bands to create an exciting atmosphere. Sportsmanship, fair and safe play guide the players more than any rules.

Why We Do It

Polar Pond Hockey is a 4 on 4 game of hockey played with smaller nets and no goalies. Rinks are 150 feet by 75 feet, approximately 75% the size of a regular rink. Sportsmanship and fair play is the name of the game, but we do have some rules. They are:

1.) No Slapshots!

2.) Raising the puck is not necessary and should be limited and attempted with extreme caution

3.) No Goaltending. Players cannot be standing directly in the net

4.) Games are 30 minutes long, made up of two 15 minute halves

5.) Teams will only be allowed to substitute a player after a goal is scored on them. The player entering the game must enter from the ice from behind the net.

6.) Any blatant penalty will result in a goal for the offended team and they get possession of the puck